Colloidal silver for dogs and cats

Colloidal silver is a broad spectrum anti microbial agent. It is highly affective against 650 disease organisms. Why would I use colloidal silver for dogs and cats? Because it is a super strong and super safe antibiotic with absolutely no side effects. It kills viruses, bacteria and fungi without damaging the surrounding healthy cells.

As most dog owners, I care a lot for my pets and when it comes to healthcare, I try to do the best I can. For myself, the best treatment is always so called alternative medicine. I don’t use any pharmaceutical drugs and I would want the same for my pets. But that can be a problem since vets don’t agree with me. If my doctor does not agree with me, who cares. But when  I as my vet if I can use colloidal silver for dogs and cats, I could be labelled as animal abuser. I mean, they can stab those antibiotics in your dog before you get a chance to say hello. That happened twice with my puppy and then I had enough.

I researched for safer antibiotics and there were many references for colloidal silver for dogs. I bought the stuff and next time my pup had symptoms of bacterial infection I gave him about 100 ml a day. I used 20 ppm concentration. And the symptoms dissipated in a few days, just as with antibiotics but this time there were no side effects, digestion was normal. Colloidal silver for dogs and cats really works.

What about the cost? Vet visits are expensive and for smallest simplest visit you can cough up 50€ for an antibiotic treatment. So now that I found that colloidal silver for dogs works, I wanted to bring the cost down, because it can be expensive to buy. Fortunately, it is easy to make at home. When you have your own colloidal silver generator you just have to buy pure water. If you buy the most expensive water at your pharmacy, you should get 2 litres for about 10€, more then enough for a full treatment.

But do not forget, you can use colloidal silver for dogs and cats for other remedies, like external wounds. Just spray it on for faster healing and wound disinfection. Add it to the water and they will drink it themselves, even though it tastes bitter, metallic. As if they know it is good for them.

The benefits of  colloidal silver for dogs and cats uses are therefore very clear.


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