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Collodial silver or colodial silver

Which is right colodial or collodial silver?

Both are wrong since the name comes form the word colloids – a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance.

So websites promoting collodial silver or colodial silver don’t really have much knowledge on the subject. Correct spelling is Colloidal Silver.

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Colloidal silver for dogs and cats

Colloidal silver is a broad spectrum anti microbial agent. It is highly affective against 650 disease organisms. Why would I use colloidal silver for dogs and cats? Because it is a super strong and super safe antibiotic with absolutely no side effects. It kills viruses, bacteria and fungi without damaging the surrounding healthy cells.

As most dog owners, I care a lot for my pets and when it comes to healthcare, I try to do the best I can. For myself, the best treatment is always so called alternative medicine. I don’t use any pharmaceutical drugs and I would want the same for my pets. But that can be a problem since vets don’t agree with me. If my doctor does not agree with me, who cares. But when  I as my vet if I can use colloidal silver for dogs and cats, I could be labelled as animal abuser. I mean, they can stab those antibiotics in your dog before you get a chance to say hello. That happened twice with my puppy and then I had enough.

I researched for safer antibiotics and there were many references for colloidal silver for dogs. I bought the stuff and next time my pup had symptoms of bacterial infection I gave him about 100 ml a day. I used 20 ppm concentration. And the symptoms dissipated in a few days, just as with antibiotics but this time there were no side effects, digestion was normal. Colloidal silver for dogs and cats really works.

What about the cost? Vet visits are expensive and for smallest simplest visit you can cough up 50€ for an antibiotic treatment. So now that I found that colloidal silver for dogs works, I wanted to bring the cost down, because it can be expensive to buy. Fortunately, it is easy to make at home. When you have your own colloidal silver generator you just have to buy pure water. If you buy the most expensive water at your pharmacy, you should get 2 litres for about 10€, more then enough for a full treatment.

But do not forget, you can use colloidal silver for dogs and cats for other remedies, like external wounds. Just spray it on for faster healing and wound disinfection. Add it to the water and they will drink it themselves, even though it tastes bitter, metallic. As if they know it is good for them.

The benefits of  colloidal silver for dogs and cats uses are therefore very clear.


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Argyria symptoms or will silver turn my skin blue?

Short answer would be yes, if you try very very hard. What exactly would you have to do to get argyria symptoms from using colloidal silver?

Most known argyria symptom is blue skin or skin discolouration. Condition can develop to people who are exposed to silver like silver metal workers or people who mine silver. The amounts of silver in those surroundings can be very high and yes, silver can be dangerous under those  conditions.  Then there are silver tooth fillings or silver tattoo bases. Both can also cause argyria symptoms and both are mostly out of regular use.

Blue or greyish skin can occur because silver reacts to sunlight and therefore if there are large amounts of silver in the body, skin on the areas that get the most sunlight can change colour. So your face and hands will turn blue, which are the most typical argyria symptoms.

But how much silver is too much and how these causes compare to colloidal silver? There are guidelines one can look up but they are just that, guidelines. Moderate and responsible users usually take few glasses a day in time of need (illness) and a mouthful during regular use. The strength or concentration recommended as  being most effective is 15 to 20 ppm or 15 to 20 milligrams of silver in 1 litre of water. Documented cases of argyria symptoms connected to colloidal silver have two things in common.
First,  the amounts taken were often more litres a day.
Second, they made their own colloidal silver with tap water or even adding salts, producing unstable and unsafe silver.

Surfing the net you probably already found sites advocating the dangers of silver and stating “scientific facts” about “documented” cases. But a closer look at those cases reveals interesting facts about those sites. They often leave out very important details about what kind of silver colloid was actually used. And you will often find photos of the same few persons on many different sites, making the impression of a great multitude of such cases where in fact there are only a few.

In conclusion we must acknowledge that you can get argyria symptoms from silver but it is very difficult to get blue skin using decent quality colloidal silver. You would have to use a lot of very low quality stuff. If you prefer to believe your pharmacist and put your trust in doctors, go ahead, no one is stopping you. If you think their medicine is safer, colloidal silver is definitely not for you. But you’re welcome to try it for yourself .

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Colloidal Silver electrodes and electrical generator

You don’t have to be an expert to make colloidal silver yourself. You can make it at home without expensive equipment and materials. Instructions are easy to find on the internet and here you can get some helpful pointers.

You will need distilled water, electrical generator and colloidal silver electrodes.  Water has to be very clear, pure H2O. Some countries sell distilled water that is fit for consumption in the supermarkets and it is really cheap. Be careful though, because distilled water is faster to “pick up”  particles from storage materials like plastic.  If you have some other use for it, you can also get a distilled water maker and make it yourself. Reverse osmosis water is also usable but it must be high quality. Filtered water is not usable for making colloidal silver with colloidal silver electrodes. Mineral water and tap water contain impurities and minerals.   You can also buy Aqua purificata or water for medical injections at your pharmacist. It is not so cheap but the end price of colloidal silver will still be just the fraction of the cost compared to buying already made.

Next on the list is electrical generator with colloidal silver electrodes. Unit is very simple and it can also be powered by batteries. There are many products out there but it is smart to buy one that has automatic shut-down when certain ppm is reached. It also has to include some stirring method, because it is important that particles from colloidal silver electrodes are evenly distributed in water. That way you do not have to watch the “pot” like a hawk even stirring it manually for a few hours.

Colloidal silver electrodes are fitted in the generator and are immersed in water to release the silver during the process. Shape and position is important to achieve best results. They should be apart just correctly for best electrolysis results. Purity of colloidal silver electrodes is absolutely essential. These should be certified .9999 pure silver.

That is all you need to make good quality colloidal silver.

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Natural antiseptics and disinfectants

Human race has declared war on enemy much smaller but vastly greater in number. And like any war it is utterly pointless and useless. And like any other war it has profit written all over it. Who is the enemy and who are the profiteers? The enemy is little bacteria and the profiteers are antiseptics and disinfectants.

It is true that bacteria can be dangerous but most antiseptics and disinfectants are poisons, much more dangerous than bacteria.  You are not doing yourself and the ones close to you any favor by using them.  By the way, do you know the difference between antiseptics and disinfectants? Disinfectants are used for removing germs and bacteria on inorganic materials. Antiseptics are used to kill those germ and bacteria found on organic materials, like your skin.

Sounds nasty but poor bacteria is just trying to survive and it is doing a very god job of it. All those antiseptics and disinfectants are losing their grounds to adapting bacteria and to educated consumers. Yes, many of us choose to protect the environment and look for more natural products.

There are many natural antiseptics and disinfectants out there. Usually they are much cheaper than the chemical concoctions from the drugstores.

To name just one – vinegar. You can clean windows and floors, wash laundry, disinfect kitchen utensils and much more. And if you get some on yourself there is nothing to worry about. It will not hurt your skin and it even will not smell bad. The initial odor with disappear. I use it to do the laundry and there are no better natural antiseptics and disinfectants out there.  Or maybe there is one but let us continue this some other time.

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Colloidal silver water

Silver has been used for centuries and in medicine it has been well known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Silver dishes and utensils have been the choice of rich and noble. Even if used mostly for prestige, silverware use definitely had health advantages as silver particles destroy bacteria. Chemists have tried for centuries to increase the amount of useful silver particles by suspending them in water. Colloidal silver water is therefore water with suspended silver particles. The amount of these particles is measured in ppm or parts per million.

When looking for colloidal silver water this is the information most often found and it is believed that higher the concentration, more effective the product is. That is not entirely true. Parts per million or concentration only tell us how many particles are in the solution but there are two more factors to consider.

First factor also to consider is the size of silver particles. Colloidal silver water should be made up of particles less than 0.1 microns (um). There should be no other particles in the water so the product should be made with distilled water with absolutely no other particles present, either by accident or by design. There should be no salts or gelatin stabilizers added to the solution as these would greatly reduce the effectiveness.

And the second factor to consider about the quality of colloidal silver water is the dispersion of silver particles. These should be dispersed in the solution as evenly as possible and should not form clusters or flocks.

These are only two factors that are quite relevant when determining the quality of colloidal silver water. Considering that these tests can only be made with high end equipment like transmission electron microscope, how can you determine the quality of your product? Well, the same way you can determine the quality of soap or detergent. By choice you can trust the claims of manufacturer. By reason you can observe the results and effects. You can never be certain but more you educate yourself and broaden your understanding of the subject more likely you are to find and recognize the optimal colloidal silver water.

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Candida yeast infection

Do you want to discover why you are feeling so tired, why you are forgeting things, why you are not in the mood for sex, why you have gas, why you have muscle and joint pains and why do you feel sick in rainy weather? Is Candidiasis new health hype or most hushed up disease of our time? And how is it possible that most doctors miss the symptoms? Candida yeast infection is serious and there are many misconceptions about it.

It is never mentioned on the list of some medicines side effects like antibiotics, hormone therapies, corticosteroids and similar. Advices from different authors also differ a lot. How can you find the right answers? It is vital you find out the truth about Candida yeast infection.

Doctors are warning us against aflatoxins, which are the result of fungus in our body. These toxins are also highly carcinogenic substances. They are the cause of just the most common types of cancer. If you have candida yeast infection, your body is definitely full of those toxins. Some of the causes of this infection are use of some antibiotics, chemo therapy and hormone therapy.

You hear a lot about some diseases that are affecting just a small number of people. You hear about legionella like it is going to kill you every time you take a shower. Mad cow disease and bird flu are also media crazy. But how many people have actually gone sick from these? Well, if you hear about one case few hundred times everywhere it sounds much worse than it is. Not to say there is no problem with those diseases but candida yeast infection affects millions and it is also deadly but why is there no alarm going off in the media? Why is it more beneficial for our poison (food) industry to badmouth cows (which people have not stopped consuming) then to warn us about candida? The answer is simple. If you want to eliminate the problem of candida yeast infection, you have to eliminate industrial food from your menu.

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Benefits of colloidal silver

Health is a commodity and as such it can be obtained for a price. Do you also believe that? For most people it makes sense, because it is so simple and requires no personal responsibility. Well, there is the responsibility of making money in the first place and that is also something most people think will solve their problems. Unfortunately for most people that just is not true.
Money will get you the best health care but it will not make you healthy. Fortunately for me and just some people, benefits of colloidal silver are lifesaving and cost almost nothing.  It will cost you only pennies a day to enjoy this ancient and simple remedy. Yes, you can even make it yourself.
Besides being very “cost-effective” there are other known benefits of colloidal silver. One is definitely ability to fight your infections. It has been used for that purpose for hundreds of years. Now it makes more sense why myths also place such high value on this metal. You have surely heard of silver being able to “cure” warevolfes. I don’t know much about that but it will certainly help you cure your common cold.
You must understand, it is not a miracle cure. But compared to today’s modern medicine it is almost too good to be true. And there are other benefits of colloidal silver besides helping against viruses. You can use it to clean up nasty bacteria as well. It will take care of the ones in your body, even the ones like E.coli.
Another on the list of benefits of colloidal silver is the ability to fight those stubborn yeast infections. Candida is the name you hear very often and candidiasis is scarier version of the word. Well, vaginal Candidiasis sounds even worse. Over 90,000 people a year are affected in United States alone.
But let us continue with positive attitude. Benefits of colloidal silver are real and it is up to you to research this nature’s gift to us. It is abundant and therefore cheap and only a fool would prefer a doctor with a prescription pad over this gift.


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Antibiotics side effects

Can you imagine your life without antibiotics? Of course you can’t. They offer quick and easy fix for many of your health problems. You have a light cough? No problem, just take a pill or two or twenty. You’ll be cough free in no time. Your child has a fever? So what, you have antibiotics ready for his breakfast and dinner. And you’re happy, because you want the best for your child.
But, have you ever heard about antibiotics side effects? No? Are you sure? You have never read that small, super tiny print in every box of this miracle medicine? Maybe you should, because even though the print is tiny, antibiotics side effects are not. Read on and find out about just a few.
Most common antibiotic you probably know about is Tylenol, also called Acetaminophen and Paracetamol. Some people pop these pills like candy. That is no surprise, since it is sold almost like candy, over the counter, without prescription and as safe for kids. No antibiotics side effects mentioned on the billboard with big advertisements. Note that candy has much more bad press, especially for kids.
First serious side effect you should know about is kidney disease. Your kidneys could fail not just if you use the drug often and for a long time. It could also happen to children. And they certainly can’t be accused of taking this drug for years and years.
Next antibiotics side effects are liver disease. Your liver is damaged and poisoned every time you take this drug. The damage is small but then you take the drug again and again. And next thing you know, you’re lying in a hospital, waiting for a liver transplant. And you’re trying to explain that you’re not an alcoholic. Good luck with that.
Just those two troubles should persuade you to look for alternatives. But don’t forget that pills are never easy on your stomach, no matter what those commercials claim. And to add to the list of antibiotics side effects, you should not disregard the effect on your immune system. Antibiotics will kill all the “good” bacteria as well. You will be left helpless and without defense for all “bad” bacteria waiting to strike again.
Be good to yourself and to those you love, don’t forget about antibiotics side effects.

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